My Computer is Acting Strange, What should I do.

My Computer is acting strange, what should I do?

Try shutting down and restarting your computer, this helps in a surprising number of cases.

Make sure that your anti-virus program is up to date and run it. (If you can't be sure the antivirus program is up to date, run it any way and update it later.)

Undo what you most recently did to your computer before the problem happened. If for example you just installed a new program and strange things started happening, uninstall the program.

Download and run Adaware This program finds and removes many so called "spyware" programs that often cause problems.

Gather details about your computer, operating system and the program having problems and well as the exact error messages you'll need them for the steps below.

Contact the manufacturing or supplier of the computer for technical assistance particularly if the problem doesn't seem to be internet related, or contact Microsoft (ok look at their support site on the web).

Try a web search with Google ( or some other search engine and see if others have encountered this problem and what they have done to fix it.

Get your computer smart friend(s) or relative(s) involved.

Do something else for a while and come back to it later. Often with time, a solution will become obvious.

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