Dialup Setup for Mac OS X

Table of Contents

    1. How to setup the Dialup components
    2. How to connect to the Internet.
    3. Troublshooting
    4. Email Setup
    5. For Further Assistance

How to setup the Dialup components

1. Click on  the Apple Menu  when not in classic mode
2. Open your System Preferences, and select "Network"  under the "Internet & Network"
3. Select your modem in the "Show" pop-up.

Usually, this will just be "Internal Modem". If more than one modem is listed, choose the one you'll actually be using.  

  1. Mac OS X v10.5 or later: From the Configuration pop-up menu, choose Add Configuration. Mac OS X 10.4.x or earlier: Click the PPP tab., enter the following: 

    • Type in Blacksburg.Net as the service provider. 
    • Enter the appropriate phone number
      local to your location:
      Blacksburg 808-4450 & 808-4494
      Narrows 726-5017 & 5000
      Narrows 726-6015 & 6025
      Narrows 726-6025
      Pearisburg 922-3067 & 3043
      Pulaski 440-5017
      Pulaski 994-7015 & 7025
      Radford 831-8016 & 8025

      Then click "Next".
      .   If you want to disable call-waiting, add *70, to the front of the phone number.
    • In the "Account field" Type in your  username directly followed by xa, For example,   (The username is in all lower case.)
    • Enter your  password. (The password is case sensitive.)
    • Click on the TCP/IP tab.

    Note: The username and passwd were provided at signup time
  1. Click Apply Now 

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How to connect to the Internet.

From the telephone icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen you can select "Connect"  The dialup window should look similiar to the picture. To connect to the internet with your modem, click Connect. A connection can always be made by clicking the phone icon at the top right.


Disconnecting from the Internet

  1. Open the Internet Connect utility if it is not already open in the background.
  2. Click the Disconnect button. This should hang up your modem.
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If you cannot connect and you are certain of your  username and password, 
here are some frequent problems: 
  1. The username is not in all lowercase, For Example:
  2. User is outside the (540) area code. In this case, you must add the area code (540) to the telephone number.
  3. Click on the pull down menu next to "Show:" and select show all connections.
  4. Make sure that only the internal modem is selected and then change show to internal modem.
  5. The modem may need to be changed to the nifty driver version. To do this:
    • Click on the phone icon, followed by Internet Connections... and then Edit
    • Select the Modem tab
    • Click on the Modem: menu and select the same modem except with the word Nifty.


You can use Mac Email, Outlook Express,  or Eudora for Mail. Mail Server information for Blacksburg.Net: Incoming (or Pop or Pop3 ) server is    The outgoing or smtp server is

Mac Email

  • Look for the postage stamp icon or use the finder to find Mac Email.
  • When you're in the program, click Preferences.
  • Click Accounts, create account and put in all the relevant information. Incoming or Pop mail server is     

V. For Further Assistance?

For assistance please contact 540-961-4445
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 Updated: 8-30-2012.

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