Accessing Blacksburg.Net Using Windows 95's TCP/IP software 
Note Windows 95 is insecure and should not be used on the internet

The automatic installation of Windows 95 does not necessarily install all of the required components you need to use the Dial-Up Networking, therefore you should have your installation disks or CD ready. This document will take you from Step 1 to making a connection to Blacksburg.Net. Note. If you have AOL software installed, it should be removed as it may (often does) interfere with the proper functioning of Windows 95's Internet software. To do so click on Start\Settings\ Control Panel then Double Click on the add/remove programs icon Click once on America Online if present and then click the add/remove box. Then click ok and then exit back to the desk top.

1. Installing Windows 95's Dial-Up Networking (this step is only necessary if Dial Up Networking is not already installed). To determine if Dial Up Networking is already installed or not double click on the My Computer icon. A window will open, which will contain the Control Panel icon. If there is an icon for Dial Up Networking it is already installed. In that case please go to step 2 below.

Please also refer to the "Using Dial-Up Networking" section in your Windows 95 manual for illustrations.

2. Creating an icon for Blacksburg.Net in Dial-Up Networking 3. Configuring your Blacksburg.Net entry in Dial-Up Networking

It is not necessary use a dialing script to use Blacksburg.Net

-->5. You are now ready to logon to Blacksburg.Net

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