Accessing Blacksburg.Net Using Windows Vista software 

Windows Vista

How to setup your Windows Vista computer for dialup

Click "Start menu"
Click "Control Panel"
Click "Network & Sharing Center"
Click "Set up a connection or network"
Select "Connect to the Internet" -> Click "Next"
Click "Dial-Up Connection"
Right Click the Dial-Up Connection and select "Properties"
In the Telephone Number field, Enter the appropriate phone number
local to your location:
Blacksburg 808-4450 & 808-4494
Narrows 726-5017 & 5000
Narrows 726-6015 & 6025
Narrows 726-6025
Pearisburg 922-3067 & 3043
Pulaski 440-5017
Pulaski 994-7015 & 7025
Radford 831-8016 & 8025

Then click "Next".
Click "Ok"
Click "Connect" to connect.
Type in your User name: Your Blacksburg.Net username. This will be in the format of yourusername@blacksburg (do not enter the ".net"
Password: Enter your Blacksburg.Net password. This is case-sensitive, so ensure your caps lock key is switched off and you are entering your password in the correct case.
Click "Connect"
If successful you will see a message that the connection is ready and you can click "Close"

If you have any questions, we can reached by e-mail at:

Last modified 7-March-07
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