Thunderbird Version 3.1 Configuration

1. If this is a new installation of Thunderbird you will be prompted with the Mail Account Setup Wizard

  • . Enter Your Name, as shown to others . Your Email address . Your password for the email address
  • Press Continue

    Thunderbird will try to automatically configure the server information for you.

    3. Thunderbird gives you the option of setting up as IMAP or POP, you should use POP.

    4. Click on Create Account

    5. For System Integration, if Thunderbird is your only E.mail program press OK

    If you are having difficult please check the following settings:
    POP not IMAP (you may have to create an new account and remove the old if it specifies IMAP instead of POP,
    Require logon using SPA: disabled
    My server requires authentication: enabled
    Connection security (SSL): Disabled for both incoming and outgoing
    Incoming server port: 110
    Outgoing server port: 587

    To Configure Thunderbird , go to TOOLS menu and select ACCOUNTS settings.

    Click Add Accounts .. and complete the information as follows:

    1. Enter your full name.

    2. Enter your full e-mail address.

    3. Click Next.

    When the "Account Wizard" window appears, select the email button
    then Click NEXT

    and complete the information as follows:
    1. Select POP as the mail server type.
    2. Enter as the incoming e-mail server:
    3. Check the box next to 'Use Global Inbox'.
    4. For the outgoing server enter
    5. Click Next.

    On the "user names" screen

    1. Enter your username for the incoming and outgoing servers. Your username is the first part of your e-mail address. (i.e. The username for would be 'joeuser'.)
    2. Click Next.

    The "Account Name" field should be filled with your e-mail address. The account name is used only to identify your acccount within Thunderbird. You may leave this value at it's default or change it. When ready, Click Next. NEXT
    At the "Account Settings" window, review the account settings or accuracy. Use the "Back" button to return and correct any errors. When the settings are correct, click "Finish".

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