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Web Hosting Rates

Your monthly hosting fee is made up of three items: a base fee, disk storage, and data transfer.

The base fee is $5.95, includes 20 Mb of disk space , and includes 100 MBytes of data transfer.

Should you require more space, the storage fee is $5 for blocks of 5 MBytes, and $20 for blocks of 40 Mbytes.

Should you have a very active site your main expense with virtual hosting will be transfer.  Our base plan, includes 1 GBytes of data transfer, which is sufficient for most small web sites. The benefit of choosing this standard service is that your bandwidth is scalable so that it can grow with the success of your company.

We also offer wehhosting packages differentiated by price, amount of disk space and amount of data transferred by month  and the number of email addresses. you need.

For $5.95/mo we offer 20 megabytes of disk storage, 1 email address,   and domain name service, 1 Gbytes of data transfer per month.

For $9.95/mo. we offer 50 megabytes of disk storage,  3 email addresses,  and 150 Mbytes of data transferred per month
For $14.95/mo we offer 50 megabytes of disk storage ,  5 email addresses,  and 2 Gbytes of data transferred per month.

Our Premium business  package is $19.95/mo we offer 250 megabytes of disk storage, up to 10 email addresses , and  4 GBytes of data transfer per month. Also Server Side Includes (SSI) on all pages whose name ends with .shtm, and customer supplied CGI scripts (scripts subject to review for security and resource utilization problem). Most businesses pick this affordably priced plan..

Additional data transfer are $1.00 100/Mbytes. (For  large volumes of data transfer cheaper per Mbytes prices and/or peak bandwidth based charging can be arranged.)

All the above include:
Precompiled CGI scripts
24 Hour FTP access (Unlimited Use)
1 POP account (email box)
Domain Name service

We do not do web site design, but can refer you to a number of local web page designers.

We would be glad to work with the web designer you work for in serving their web hosting needs. We also work frequently with do it yourself clients who design their own site. One of the best sources about web design techniques, is the world wide web itself. While it takes skill and effort to design a website that looks attractive, much thought should be given to your audience. A website that looks attractive but isn't effective in bringing you customers or otherwise serving your audience isn't the best website for your needs. For example, there are many web enabled smartphones or cell phones (such as the Apple Iphone), these have a very small screen and a relatively slow internet connection. People with these devices will often check a website for your address, telephone, prices, hours or the time and date of your next event, or schedule. If some of your intended audience are users of such devices, your website should be designed with these devices in mind. See for exampleDesign web pages for cell phoneAnother consideration is to make your website usuable by people with slower connections. While many people have high speed connections, there are many rural locations such as parts of Montgomery County, Giles County, and Pulaski County where DSL and cable internet are not available also some people use dialup because it suits their needs.

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