Note Windows 2000 is insecure and should not be used on the internet

Microsoft Windows 2000  Setup Instructions

Microsoft Windows 2000 comes with an Internet Setup Wizard that easily allows you to configure your computer for internet acccess using Blacksburg.Net . 

Follow the instructions below to manually set up you Blacksburg.Net Internet connection.

  1. Move your mouse over "Programs" then "Accessories" and then "Communications" or alternately from the desktop either double click "Connect To The Internet"or if you don't see that icon, click the right mouse button on the Internet Explorer icon and click Properties.
  2. Click on "Internet Connection Wizard"
  3. You should see "Welcome to the Network Connection Wizard" Click "Next"
  4. Select the second option, "Dialup to the Internet" Click "Next"
  5. Select the third option labeled "I want to setup my Internet connection manually..." then click "Next"
  6. Select "I connect through a phone line and modem" and click "Next"
  7. Enter the appropriate phone number
    local to your location:
    Blacksburg 808-4450 & 808-4494
    Narrows 726-5017 & 5000
    Narrows 726-6015 & 6025
    Narrows 726-6025
    Pearisburg 922-3067 & 3043
    Pulaski 440-5017
    Pulaski 994-7015 & 7025
    Radford 831-8016 & 8025
  8. Uncheck the option labeled "Dial using the area code and Country code"
  9. Click on the "Advanced" button"
  10. Check "Disable LCP Extensions"
  11. Click on the "Addresses" tab at the top of this window.
  12. Select the option labeled "Always use the following" under the "DNS Server Addresses" section. and Enter and then click "Ok" then "Next"
  13. Enter your Blacksburg.Net username in all lowercase (without "") and your password, then click "Next"
  14. Enter "Blacksburg.Net" as the "Connection name" and click "Next"
  15. Select "Yes" and click "Next"
  16. Now, enter your "Display Name" This is what people will see when they get e-mail from you. You can enter whatever you wish for this. Then click "Next"
  17. Enter your complete Blacksburg.Net e-mail address (with "") and click "Next"
  18. Enter "" as the outgoing mail server and as the incoming mail server, then click "Next"
  19. Your "Account Name" should already be entered. Just enter your password and click "Next"
  20. Click "Finish" and you're done! 
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