Before defining an Internet Connection, you should verify that your modem is properly installed.
To define a new connection, select from the 
menu: Settings / Network Connections.

You can also select in the Control-Panel :

Network Connections 
or (if you have the Classic Desktop):
right-click on "My Network Places" and
select "Properties"

If you have a Network card installed,
it will be shown on the right side as
a "Local Area Connection"

Select on the left side from the
"Network Tasks" to
"Create a new connection"

Note : to be able to create a new
connection, you must have proper
user permissions.

Which starts the Internet Connection

Next to Continue

Select to
"Connect to the Internet"
Choose "Set up my connection manually"
then click next.
Choose "Connect using a dial-up modem"
Then click "Next"
Type Blacksburg.Net in the box.
Then click "Next"..
Enter the appropriate phone number
local to your location

Blacksburg 808-4450 & 808-4494

Narrows 726-5017 & 5000
Narrows 726-6015 & 6025
Narrows 726-6025
Pearisburg 922-3067 & 3043
Pulaski 440-5017
Pulaski 994-7015 & 7025
Radford 831-8016 & 8025

Then click "Next".
enter your Username and password,
as it has been assigned to you by
Blacksburg.Net. Then click "Next". This must end in e.g.
You are done.

Click on the box next 
"Add a shortcut ..." create a
desktop an icon for this connection
Click "Finish".

The network connection will
show the new Dial-up connection
you have created for Blacksburg.Net.

You are now read to connect to the internet. Click on icon for Blacksburg.Net located on your desktop.