Build a Table Saw

    "Build a Table Saw" describes the construction of a table to hold a circular saw, the combination of which becomes a table saw. Full blade extension is 1 3/4 inches above the table top for a seven (7) inch blade. The table top is 2x3 feet and sits on 12 inch legs. Both vertical and angled (up to 45 degrees) cuts can be made.  Cuts made at 45 degrees have a cut length of approximately one (1) inch for a seven (7) inch saw blade. A dado blade cannot be used as a handheld circular saw will not accept a dado blade. Saw can be easily inserted or removed from the table in 10 seconds.  Frame which holds saw is built to the dimensions of your saw so most saws will work.  Instruction take you step by step through the measurement and construction phases and when finished you have a table custom made for your saw.

    Note that this device is for those people who are mature enough to use dangerous power tools. The finished product must be treated and used with respect. We cannot be held lible for misuse of the product or plans.


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Plans consist of 30 pages with 131 pictures and four detailed drawings.

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