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 Setup for Windows 8/8.1

 Setup for Windows 7

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There are two forms of email widely used:

  1. Client email programs where the email received is stored on your computer
  2. Web mail where email is not stored on your computer but permanently stored on a computer elsewhere, such as Hotmail(also known as windows live), yahooomail, gmail, etc. and is accessed via a website
These forms of email each have their pros and cons, tradeoffs in privacy, security, ease of use and access via multiple computers

The following are setup instructions for various email client programs: General instructions use pop or pop3 email for incoming port 110 not port 995 "cleartext or unsecure, similar password authentication" for sending use the outgoing email server (smtp) port 587 (submission port), follow the setup instructions for their outgoing email server"

 Setup for Vista Windows Mail

 Setup for Outlook Express Mail

  Setup for version 3.1 of Thunderbird Email Old not very relevant to current versions

 Thunderbird is a free download here. Takes a long time on dialup probably best done late at night

 Windows 7 doesn't include an email client program, but Microsoft provides "Windows Live Mail" as a download which is both an email client and a webmail interface depending on how you configure it. for additional information on how to configure "Windows Live Mail" for alternate windows 7 email clients consider the free download of Thunderbird or Setup instructions on email and related instructions

  How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

Setup for obsolete versions of Windows:
- These versions are insecure and should not be used on the internet:

Setup for Windows 95

 Setup for Windows 98

 Setup for Windows ME

 Setup for Windows 2000

 Setup for Windows XP

 Setup for Vista

 Setup for Windows 7

 Setup for Mac OS 9

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